Technical Specification
930 Fully Web-type Die Cutter is a new style integrated Photo, Pneumatic, Computer and Mechanical System. Its AC servo motor can feed materials automatically. The operator can control it through the touch screen. It is very easy for the operator to operate it. It is widely used in post-printing industrial section. It is applied for cutting Paper Cups, Packaging Sugar, Foodstuff, Aquatic Products and Daily use products. Its paper utilization ratio is higher. It adopted non-interim plate arrangement, featuring fast in arranging printing plates, 90times per minute. It is choice equipment for the packaging industrial section. It is of superior quality and of good outlook.
1. A serial of warm wheels, warm rods and transmission system are adopted for the master machine. Featuring in sound stability and lower noise.
2. A high quality multipurpose vector digital display converter is equipped with the master motor to have it run in a progressive speed. PLC is also adopted for programming system. Featuring in stable and precisely running.
3. It is equipped with a touch-screen with C/E displayer to have a man-machine interlace.
4. Adopted genuine servo motor imported from Japanese YASKAWA and Germany synchronous belt to have the machine run stably and accurately and precisely position.v 5. The machine is made precisely of selected materials, featuring in firm, thickness and longer service life.
6. The paper web can be formed in one processing. The products can be produced fast, accurately and stably, without products of inferior quality. The products are flat and beautiful.
7. It can help the manufacturer reduce abundantly the production costs and improve the production capacity.