Poly Coating Machine

We offer standardized platforms to address various customer requirements in cost-effective packages at all levels of sophistication. The wide assortment of Paper Poly Laminates, that are manufactured at our highly developed infrastructure facility, are widely used for Packet Tea, Tobbaco, Zarda, Betal Nuts, Mosquito Mats, Medicines, Pharmaceutical and Surgical items. These are available in various specifications; however, to suit the varied requirements of the clients, we can also provide the customized solution to our valued clients. Our Integrator and Exact control systems provide flexible, intuitive operator interfaces to simplify line operation.

paper blanks in coil paper cup blanks in roll

Printing Machine

Our four-color flexographic printing press is designed to run in-line with cup-forming machines. Our Stack press prints one-to-four colors on cups ranging in size from 4 to 32 ounces at speeds of 100 to 150m per minute.

Rugged construction and easy set-up make these presses efficient performers for both long and short production runs. Their stack-type modular design accommodates up to four-color decks that can be either factory or field installed.

  • Designed for use with water-based inks
  • Micro running adjustment allows for horizontal and vertical alignment for precise color registration
  • can print on a web that will form wax cups for cold-drink applications, or on heat-seal materials for forming cups for hot or cold drink applications
paper blanks in coil paper cup blanks in roll

Punching machine

paper blanks / sleeves punching machineOur Automatic punching press is automatic with higher acceleration and designed mainly for supplying blanks for Paper cup sleeves . Our punching machine solves all the problem of normal punching machine and die cutting machine. Our machine is from the professional and leading manufacturer in the world. Our machines are CE certified.


Jumbo Reel Slitter

Our machine can accept reel width upto 110 inches and weight upto 4 MT Any kind of slitting job with crush core also acceptable.


Coil Slitting machine

Our machine is suitable for splitting and trimming super-sized roll materials such as plastic films, paper, textile and various kinds of paper-plastic laminated/coated materials for packing/packaging.

  • Adjustable Rotary Blades, featuring high precision and easy operation systems
  • Independent A/B rewind shafts, easy installation, mounting and dismounting steps
  • Compress air shafts for rewinding and unwinding shafts, with digital automatic tension control. Features orderly and compact rewinding of finished products
  • Hydraulic pressure lifts for ease of mounting heavy rolls
  • Features frequency speed control, micro computer automatic controller, imported hydraulic rectifying device, digital tension control display.